Multi-Purpose Facility and Chapel

Ute Park

Ute Chieftains Memorial

The Ute Chieftains Memorial honors four Ute Chiefs, Ouray (Tabeguache band), Buckskin Charley (Moauche band), Severo (Caputa Band), and Ignacio (Weenuche Band) with plaques dedicated to each Chief, which are immortalized in bronze. One plaque faces each of the four directions.

The Ute tribes are located on three reservations in Colorado and Utah. The Ute tribes are comprised of seven Bands. The historical domain of the Utes covered the present day State of Colorado and most of Utah and reached far into New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas, and Nebraska.

The site where the Memorial Chapel and Multi-Purpose Facility now sit was a community building where the Southern Utes held their meetings to discuss important issues and vote on leadership with a show of hands.

image of ute park monument

Near This Spot Chief Ouray Died

A Marker to identify the area where Chief Ouray died was relocated to the park in the late 1900s. The marker commemorates the site and Ouray’s death on August 24, 1880.

image of ute park with teepee

Memorial to all Southern Ute Leaders

On May 25, 1992, the People of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe dedicated a memorial to honor all our Chiefs, Chairmen, Chairwomen, and past and present men and women leaders of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

image of ute chiefs memorial plaque

We cordially invite you to enjoy Ute Park and share a piece of our history and identity with us, the proud people of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

Photo credit: Nancy S. Young | Southern Ute Shared Services